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About Us

Justin + Elayne love nothing more than to create and grow, whether it's one of their businesses, their buildings or on their farm.  They are a unique team with complimentary Visionary and Integrator strengths, so not much can stop them when they put their mind to it!  One of their biggest desires with their business in Crete is to help the community gather and thrive through offering spaces for community.  They tackle every new challenge that comes their way with creativity and a desire to grow personally and professionally. 

Meet the makers

About ElaynE's Vision

Elayne is a Creative Visionary who loves coffee so much that she decided that the quaint little town of Crete NEEDED a high quality coffee shop, if only to supply her own desire for amazing coffee.  Even though Elayne is from a tiny town in the middle of Nebraska, she lived in several different large cities and acquired the taste of quality and "the vibe".  She decided that her coffee shop didn't need to feel "small town", so she designed it to wow people as they walk in and one of her favorite comments is when guests tell her it feels like they're in the city! 
When Elayne and her husband found the early 1900s built building in downtown Crete, they worked hard to bring back the original aesthetic complimented by Elayne's artistic design skills.  Elayne also loves supporting other local artists so you can find a multitude of items from other local and small businesses. 

PHOTOS BY Elayne woods photography @ Woods STudio


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